Oh Jacob

Jacob wrassled with an angel
He threw him to the ground
Said “Tell God I’m gonna get him
Next time he comes to town
I got a bone to pick
I got a few complaints
When he comes he better bring
His toughest troop of saints”

Oh Jacob, oh Jacob
I understand why
It’s hard to bear
To see a loved one die

Now Jacob was a big man
Swung a twenty-pound maul
Worked on the roads round Louisville
From summer into fall
He wed his childhood sweetheart
The love of his life
Then God came down and took his
Newborn baby and his wife

Oh Jacob, oh Jacob
See that tear in your eye
It’s hard to bear
To see a loved one die

Now Jacob he searched high
And Jacob he searched low
Jacob he search fast
And Jacob he searched slow
He searched all through Kentucky
And down to Tennessee
He said “When I find God
I’m gonna hang him from a tree”

Oh Jacob, oh Jacob
Your hammer’s gonna fly
I know it’s hard to bear
To watch a loved one die

One Sunday down in Knoxville
God was standing by a church
Jacob said “Now listen God
You’re in a world of hurt.”
God said, “You’ll see your loved ones”
And to Jacob’s surprise
God pulled out a .44
Shot him right between the eyes

Oh Jacob, oh Jacob
Is that you on the rise?
Going to meet your loved ones
In that mansion in the sky

Oh people, oh people
God don’t mess around
You come looking for God
He gonna shoot you down


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