2 for Halloween – part 2, “The Ghost’s Lament for His Former Home”

I think it’s been three hundred year
This house has almost fallen down
No one I knew back then is here
Where once was field, now there is town

Once children came and broke the glass
Spooking them helped pass the time
Then there was that lover and his lass
See, scrawleded upon the wall – his rhyme

What will I do when those beams give
How can I haunt a pile of wood
It won’t be fit for a ghost to live
I may have to go – this time for good

One day I’ll wake to heaven instead of dawn
I hope the spiders miss me when I’m gone


3 thoughts on “2 for Halloween – part 2, “The Ghost’s Lament for His Former Home”

  1. You’ve done here with rhyme just what I like to do: kept it subtle–the ready doesn’t overtly notice (at least I didn’t) the repeating rhyme.
    All this formal work of yours reminds me I’ve been meaning to do more forms. I’ve drifted away from it, but I think the exercise does much to strengthen one’s writing in general (though I do not, of course, see this as just an exercise–much of what I am most proud of has been done in form).

    1. Me too. I look over my free-verse poetry and it just doesn’t satisfy me the way my poetry in form does – even if the poem is an ad-hoc rhyming scheme for that particular poem! (See “The Maze” in the archives.)

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