Water of Life (Just give)

Hello friends,

I’m taking part in the Marie Curie cancer care charity 2013 Skinny Dip, on 2nd of June, in the chilly waters of the Firth of Forth! Marie Curie provides care for people suffering from cancer and can use all our support.

If you want to support my mad adventure, please visit my JustGiving page and give what you can:


To learn more:


In grateful humility, I offer a poem of thanks:

Water of Life

Dark water floods my dreams
Erasing familiar things of life
Nothing now is what it seems
No more gentleness, or strife

I wade into the water, bare
Feel it compass me entire
Nothing hidden, all is there
And even submerged, the fire

Cannot be extinguished
A lesson I’ve yet to learn
The ordinary, the distinguished
All seek to join, and yearn

Yearn for the connection that the darkness brings
Where the waters soothe, and the mermaid sings



4 thoughts on “Water of Life (Just give)

    1. Thanks, but not so very brave as all that ๐Ÿ˜‰ The getting naked doesn’t bother me, and the getting into the water will only be a few minutes long. So long as it raises a bit of money for a good cause, it’s not all that much trouble to go through ๐Ÿ™‚

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