A Perfect Moon

A perfect crescent moon in the frozen western sky
The Goddess smiling over the rugby pitch
A laughing moon, a moon to make you cry
A moon to make you spread your wings and fly

All this moon lacks is a wicked, wicked witch
Dangling a shapely leg among the stars
Or a  wolf running through the woods to find his bitch
And pausing to howl, unearthly, eldritch

A frozen puddle beside a hulking car
Glitters, frost etched like a poem in runes
A jewel that even floodlights cannot mar
And more eloquent than this poem by far

The sound of children laughing, ancient tune
Running up the pitch to score a hard-earned try
A moment like an oasis beside an arid dune
Children laughing, playing beneath a perfect moon


5 thoughts on “A Perfect Moon

  1. What’s the collective term for metaphors? A compression? Whateva. This is jam-packed with rich metaphor giving this reader multiple images amid the eloquence and tone of this lovely whimsical piece. Well done.

  2. I like! You words paint a delightfully familiar picture – oh, the countless evenings I spend beside the rugby pitch! – and the self depreciating line ‘more eloquent than this poem by far’ is charming 🙂

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