Blue Little World

Just a simple little song, nothing too dramatic, have a listen and enjoy …

Dear little world where we live
I’m sorry for what we’ve done to you
After all the precious gifts you give
I’m afraid we’ve made you just a little blue

You are the place my children call home
As their mortal coil unwinds
And all their children and others to come
All those hearts, all those minds

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking
We don’t love you – but we do
Though we have a funny way
Of showing it, it’s true

Dear little world I can’t promise a lot
I can only do so much for you
But what I’ve got to give, you’ve got
To keep you green, and not feel quite so blue


2 thoughts on “Blue Little World

  1. How nice to come across a structured poem with stanzas, rhyme and rhythm. Excellent phrasing makes the message pleasant and poignant. Very well done.

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