Snowflakes Fly (song)

You told me that you love the snow
Even though it brings in the cold
So you sit by the fire while snowdrifts grow higher
Outside where you no longer go

And the snowflakes fall down from the sky
Like souls we watch the snowflakes fly

You took me out in the night
To look at the stars shining bright
But to my surprise from the tears in your eyes
Reflected the cold northern lights

And the snowflakes fall down from the sky
Like souls we watch the snowflakes fly

Now eighty winters you have seen
And eighty times you’ve welcomed spring
Eighty snows have shrouded Earth
And eighty times a second birth

I found you outside in the snow
That day it was forty below
I took you in by the fire, you were light as a sigh
And I wept in the warm fire’s glow

And the snowflakes fall down from the sky
Like souls I watch the snowflakes fly
And snow came falling from the sky
Likes souls we watched
Oh how the snowflakes fly


This song is informed by the time I lived in Alaska in the 80’s. As you can imagine (or maybe you don’t have to) snow plays a huge role in the wintertime, and you can get to be a keen observer of the stuff.

Some of my strong memories are of the dark dark nights and the brilliant swathe of stars, and of course the aurora borealis. And that 40 below is the same in Farenheit and Centigrade.

“Like souls we watched the snowflakes fly” is a slightly convoluted way of saying swirling snowflakes reminded me then and still do now of souls lost in the night. I may be thinking of the scene in “A Christmas Carol” where Marley first comes to Scrooge and they look out the window to see ghosts of tortured souls, unrestful in the night air. (Or was that from a filmed/animated version of the story?)

The events of the song aren’t based on anything real, most of my songs are pure invention based on feelings and emotions.

Read about Fannie Quigley, one of Kantishna, Alaska’s early colorful characters. This is where I spent a winter in the outback in 83/84. This piece gives you a flavor of the atmosphere of the place.


2 thoughts on “Snowflakes Fly (song)

  1. Really love this piece. Sad and sweet and lyrical. I love the notes you append to your pieces. I like knowing the “back-story” of a piece. I often argue with myself about “explaining” my poems to readers–whether they should stand alone…but I love also to write about writing so maybe I should….

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