You know you are a pedant when you read blogs with poetry and prose of the utmost beauty but are still disappointed when someone misspells a pretty common word or uses “you’re” when they mean “your”.

I know I am not exempt. But please do let me know if I’ve done something incorrect, even if you think it’s petty. To me, it’s not.

What about you – would you like to be told (privately ideally to spare blushes) if I spot a boo-boo in your blog post?


13 thoughts on “Pedantry

  1. Oer, sounds like the Gammar Police are on the beat . . . !
    yes, i reely hop that mye fellow blooggers, wood point out (nisely) iff i they spotteed any ; grammaticle or speling mistakes on myh blogg.”

  2. Bad spelling is everywhere! Count me in for typo correction – I do proofread, but my typing sucks.
    I can cope with odd mistakes in long narratives, hey, we make mistakes – what drives me mad is errors in short poems! It’s a poem! Every nuance is essential! Grrr… in fact, I feel a rant coming… Thanks for providing my next post topic 😉

  3. Everytime I see somebody misspell a word, I look down at the keyboard and see how close the letter is to the letter that’s supposed to bet here, to see if it’s socially acceptable to misspell said word… mwahaha

    P.S. I hope my posts have no “boo-boos”…

  4. Pedants of the Web Untie!! Okay, so I stole that…
    I’m in! I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve come across, been really very interested in, and then….I see blatant mistake number three or four and I just can’t bring myself to hit that follow button. Nice to know it makes me a Pedant and not a Snob.

    P.S. I proofread this comment.

    1. Doesn’t always stop me either, but it is definitely a factor. As ruleofstupid points out, it is an indication of the attention you are paying to your work, your offspring, and thereby your audience. They deserve the utmost care (ambiguity intended).

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