The Maze

(from the vaults)

green grass grows
head-high hedgerows
which way do I go
how does the wind blow
left-right-left again
find the centre before the rain
thunderous black cloud
heavy rain falls loud
still lost
paths crossed

i have come this way before
faced the same familiar door
next time i may try
but now i pass by
i feel so far
no guiding star
let my feet freely tread
follow the heart and not the head
right-left-left and straight
up the path and through the gate

in the centre in the rain
water running through my brain
mud squelching through my toes
in the air three black crows
lightning shows me all i need
a single second – future’s seed
to this point all paths converge
from the point all paths emerge
open gate, leave it ajar
through the clouds, a single star


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