The Element of Earth

(from the vaults)

Two hands full of earth, too heart-full to thole
I sit by warm fire-flower, astonished and baffled

My guardian trees, mighty grove-treasures
Enter my soul’s home, tremendous tree-shamans

I feel my spine stretching, fine spinning roots touching
And push in to Terra, to pierce her taut torso

She pulls me in swiftly, pulsating and will-full
Taproot gripped firmly, trapped tight, grounded safely

I suddenly feel leaves, unfurling with love
Sprouting from fingers, springing and full-green

Light floods on my face, it lifts to the sun
Earth anchoring my spine, thinking with sap now

I fly through the seasons, flitting and sense-full
First laughing spring shouting, swift sparrows and showers

Summer is glorious, sun-rays’ glad riot
King of the forest, crowned from the first

Autumn creeps inward, to make peace in the world
Blazing with colour, while loosing clear insight

A glimpse of the end, age limping and spent
Looms deep in my heart, as leaves fall in deep drifts

Sleep now with the angels, slow winter congealing
Dreaming and icebound, dark down in soul’s deep

Was spring ever with me? Where sports her fair form now?
Alone and bare-bone branched, long barren and abashed

But feel that faint stirring? Bud fighting to surface
And sun coaxing saprise, soul’s call clearing sleep’s eyes

I laugh and my leaves dance, aloft in love’s deft wind
Rebirth in the wide world, be-robed in the wood’s weft

I am humble before them, I honour their fair forms
Life lessons they teach me, long-reaching and touching
Earth feeds them and feeds us, hearts full from her favour
We all are her bright bairns, and wildwood our brother


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