Invitation to the dance

(from the vaults)

Why have you forsaken me?
Where now your fair summer form?
Where the soft kisses on my mouth,
And the swift invitation to the dance?

You hide your face in darkness,
Sheets of rain discourage me.
A single candle lights my way,
A fragile flame cupped in my hands.

A season of sleep
A season of night
A season of cold
A season of death
A season alone

Summer mead in winter,
My only memory of you.
Bone-crunching cold without,
Light a bright fire within.

Laughter, mead, a merry tune,
While outside you prowl,
Rattling the window-panes with sleet,
Crying to be heard.

I hear your voice
I feel your touch
I taste your tears
I smell your breath
I see your face

Your face is gentle and so sad,
Lines of pain are etched thereon;
Memory of light is in your eyes,
A deep spark down within your soul.

Come and dance with me again,
I hear you whisper in my heart –
I leave the mead and merry tunes
And spin into the swirling snow.

I dance with cold
I dance with dark
I dance with ice
I dance with night
I dance until I sleep


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