For Laura on her Sick Bed

(from the vaults – Edinburgh, 1991)

A work of angels, your hair gold-filigreed
In a brushstroke of sun across my coarse-grained pillow.
Sleep Laura, sleep away your need,
Slip into the future as a Willow
Leaf rides the hidden currents of a dark pool.
The hidden spring of love flows with hidden purpose –
Look deep down, your dream like a school
Of silver minnows, now diving, now on the surface –
I see your eyes watching, can see them move,
Can see through the shuttered darkness, can hear
Your breathing, and the birds singing for sheer love
Through the unseen open window, so dark in here, so clear …
Sleep Laura, float through a day you’ve yet to see
Whilst I watch helpless, dazzled by that gold filigree.


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