Unknown ending

Three dark objects dropped into the pot
A cauldron, bubbling
The fire beneath is burning bright and hot
The potion, troubling

First, betrayal: an ugly, rotting heart
Black twin beating
Has it always been there, from the start,
All goodness eating?

Next, neglect: a knotted length of rope
Hard and dried out
Each knot a choking stop to someone’s hope
When soul cried out

Last, fear: an animal with staring eyes
Shivering with fright
From my own living body I prise
Into the light

This fear’s the hardest thing to kill
Hold it under
I long to save it, keep it safe – still
I hold it under

It kicks and thrashes, howls and scratches
This fear is strong
I waver – until I see my face his matches
I stare long

At last it breathes its last and sinks
But not yet dead
I feel his pull, we share the same instincts
And sense of dread

But step away from the cauldron now, at last
Leave it to stew
Til twelvemonth and one day have passed
Then drink the brew

The ending of this poem is yet unknown
A tale unsure
But I must drink that bitter draught alone
To kill or cure


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