Calm sea like a pond

It was a calm sea, like a pond

But underneath the currents flowed, unseen

Currents always there, unseen but flowing

Flowing beneath the calm sea, like a pond


So easy to step into that calm sea, like a pond

To know about the currents but to ignore the warnings

Ignore the warnings because you think yourself a strong swimmer

Though you’ve almost drowned before, so easy to step in


Harder to stay out of the calm sea, like a pond

To stand on the shore and watch the water, inviting

Inviting you into her soothing embrace, to refresh your soul

But remember the struggle, though it’s hard to stay out


Learn to swim better so you can challenge the calm sea, like a pond

Prepare yourself, to face the strong currents that flow unseen

And be ready to struggle against the currents unseen but flowing

Or be prepared to give your soul up to the calm sea, like a pond


9 thoughts on “Calm sea like a pond

  1. Agree with Anne–the pantoum is the form I used for the love poem of mine you reblogged šŸ˜‰

    I normally resist all forms, and cannot believe I wrote one by choice. The repetition in the piece, the musicality of it, is gorgeous. Reminds me of a piece I wrote not too long ago about rip tides, but yours is better!

    1. I see what you mean. I did purposefully repeat the lines but not in such a formal way. I thought the sea wouldn’t stand for it, if you see what I mean! Calm on the surface … I can see (doing a Poe-like retrospective self-analysis) that the repetition of the lines does give an affect of a calm sea with gentle waves lapping – that masks what lies beneath and within.

  2. I kept feeling waves of emotions of everyday life in your words…
    I liked the undercurrents….one always has under currents that no one sees unless we
    allow them too, then we aren’t sure how they will interpret what the see…read…feel…
    I enjoyed this…
    Take Care…

    1. I think we all learn patterns in our lives from watching life in Nature….each waters current has many twists and turns, eventually finding its way to the open sea…as it rolls along stones, twigs and what ever is in the currents tumble and take on new shapes, smooths out the rough edges, and when surfaces it sparkles and shines in some way…
      listen to those undercurrents, ask for help, a sign you are seeing, or on the right path , I ask for feathers, usually red or blue…always I get answer, I just believe since we are all connected in someway then we are here to put a piece of lifes puzzle in place …just my thoughts…..if we don’t feel the undercurrents, we won’t know the difference when we feel the warmth of the sun….
      writing no matter if anyone reads is how I put my thoughts together to see the patterns, the currents, and see if I am on the Path I am intended to be or if I am at another cross-road where I go in a new direction…
      if you are losing your footing, remember, if you are too tired to swim, lay back and float for awhile…you’ll come to a spot where you know you can stand with your head above water….just believe in yourself, but most important Trust in yourself to be exactly where you need to be, even if it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you have the choice to let go of any unwanted weight…
      whew, not sure where all that came from..sorry, I will get of my pulpit now!
      Hope you all is well in your world…
      Take Care.

      1. Oh, that is such a lovely comment LadyBlueRose! Just what I needed to hear, actually, you are obviously channeling the voice of the universe in my direction lol! Many many thanks indeed šŸ™‚ (I accidently deleted my previous comment you were replying to, sorry!)

        1. maybe you were suppose too LOLs.. I am glad you liked my comment, I sometimes hear whispers on the wind so to speak and I just write…never sure what I am saying till I stop and look, usually after I click send, and then I can’t take it back..
          You Have a good day Paul…
          Thank you for stopping by and walking with me on this journey I am on…
          Take Care..

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